How to master the art of communicating with email emoticons

In the absence of body language, communication on the Internet is heavily dependent on the spoken or written word, which is just what you need for corporate communication. However, recent technological innovations have mimicked much of social life in computer programs that have caused people to forgo physical interaction for a more convenient, profitable, and much more exciting virtual counterpart. It is not necessary to go on a world tour just to develop a multiracial network of friends; Social networking sites, online games, and thousands of forums and discussion boards can easily open profile doors on your laptop so you can have your version of the United Nations soon.

But how would a person who speaks Mandarin all their life clearly understand someone from France? Even two people who speak the same language mysmiley and live in the same house can be misunderstood, otherwise divorce would not have been a problem. Simply put, the language barrier is a challenge; Words aren’t enough to express what you want to convey, and in the absence of body language on the Internet, communication happens for a short period of time, whether it’s taken for something else or just doesn’t happen at all. This is where free emoticons or emoticons can come to your aid.

Email emoticons or animated emoticons were conceived from the same need to find a means to express approval or dislike, when the words are too boring to convey. In the absence of hand signals or body language, which can make communication easier, smiley icons or emoticons have been shown to work.
Here are 12 tips on how to master the art of communicating with email emoticons:

1. Email emoticons are out of reach for commercial emails;

2. Choose email emoticons of different sizes (small, medium or large) to clearly express the intensity level of your emotions;

3. Do not send emoticons or animated emoticons emails on your first email; the recipient may not share your optimism when you use email emoticons;

4. Exercise moderation when sending emoticons via email; You don’t want to send a kiss face when you barely know the other person, right?
5. As much as the words, be careful how you choose your email emoticons. Take into account the race, religion, sexual orientation, customs and traditions of other people when you send emoticons in your emails;

6. Do not use e-mail emoticons to harass or insult another person;

7. Don’t send too many emoticons in your emails; too many things repel instead of attract;

8. Choose email emoticons that are compatible with most mail servers, such as Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Earthlink and Comcast. You don’t want emoticons that limit your choice of email clients, based on your convenience.